Learn how to use Photoshop…
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This program is for children 10-14 years old

This program will include a blend of software and graphic design.  Students will learn how to use various basic features of Photoshop to create many designs / collages / unique photos / etc. Using a special printer and paper students will then print their work. Using a variety of specialty heat presses, the designs will then be sublimated onto t-shirts, mugs, steel cups, puzzles, and other items. Students will also create large 2’ x 3’ photos / collages that will be mounted on foam board for display in your home.  Finally, students will create a website to display their work.

The program will be held at Malone University Library on 25
th st. in Canton, Ohio.

The program runs Monday – Friday from 8:00 – 4:00. The program will run the weeks of July 21, July 27 , and Aug. 11

The goal of this program is for students to learn how to use Photoshop so that they can use it for fun and for school.  Students will be required to turn in a multitude of projects from now until they graduate from college.  Why not give them a head start on how to do this and help them be successful.

The program will be taught by a professional educator who specializes in graphic design and teaches Photoshop on a regular basis.  Additionally 2-3 other teachers / assistants will be present each day to assist students, including a public school administrator.

The cost of this program is $550 per student per week and includes training, the use of all hardware and software and all materials that will be printed on (mugs, cups, photo quality poster paper, etc.)


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